Audio/Video Ministry

   Thank you for visiting Reconciliation Outreach Church's Audio/Video Minsitry. This ministry's goal is to provide professional quality and sound to the believers and the unbeliever. The mission of this ministry is to be able to reach out to the surrounding communities of what GOD is doin here at R.O.C. However, with the prayers of the righteous and the saints our ultimate goal is to be able to provide live services worldwide throught the USA. This ministry has combined of 8 years of relative recording, live sound, and production. This ministry consists of live CD recording, video recording, editing, and production, website creation, live feed sound, and much more. We consist of four members that puts it all together and these members are as follows; D.I.T. Britten Rush- Audio/Video Director, D.I.T. Vernon Thomas Video Manager/Video Technician/ Assistant Director, Sister Shellie Adams- Video Technician/Financial Advisor, Brother Jarvis Johnson- Audio Manager/Live Sound Recording Technician, and Sis. Jessica Moore-Photographer. All services are available for purchase. Simply use the Contact Us hyperlink, using the drop down box select Audio/Video Ministry, Fill out the information regarding the service you wish to purchase. May GOD bless you and we pray that we see you soon!!!!