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3 Year Old Class

Three’s (must be 3 years old by Sept 30): Children must be potty trained. Please refer to our toileting policies for more details. This is the age when children are asking all those curious questions of who, what, when, where and how. We are glad to see children explore and discover answers. The three year olds are eagerly awaiting the new opportunities that will come with the new school year!  They will be learning lots of new and exciting things throughout the year.  The A Beka curriculum for the three year olds continues to build on the skills learned in the two year old curriculum.

Children continue to learn about numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet, basic geography skills, math, science, and history.  Following this curriculum the children will be prepared to enter the Pre-K program next fall.

Some of the developmental goals that will be addressed during the course of the year include helping the children have a happy separation from their parents and aid in the adjustment to their new classroom, to create a sense of security between the children and teachers, teach the children to respond to, love, and obey teachers, teach good classroom habits that will make for a pleasant learning environment, work on cooperation and unselfishness, and to build self-confidence in each child in the class.

Just a few of the classroom rules that we will be working on include:

  • to learn raise their hand when they need help or have something to say during group times,
  • to learn to respect their personal space and the space of others
  • to learn to enjoy and participate in the curriculum activities.

They will also be practicing to line up as a class and how to make good choices in their daily time at school.

A Beka Curriculum

Scope & Sequence for Three Year Olds

Language Arts:

  • Recognition of name, sound, and picture for short vowels and consonants
  • Formation of vowels and consonants in upper and lower case
  • Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, science


  • Simple counting 1-30
  • Number concepts 1-15


  • Lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boy Samuel, Daniel, Boyhood of Jesus   Zacchaeus, and the Good Samaritan
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